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Every half-year is funding month. Money is the biggest danger ToS;DR faces today. Volunteers at ToS;DR are mostly covering costs out of their own pocket. With increased electricity and maintenance costs, we need your support to keep ToS;DR active and alive! Even One dollar helps to keep ToS;DR running!

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ToS;DR aims at creating a transparent and peer-reviewed process to rate and analyse Terms of Service and Privacy Policies in order to create a rating from Grade A to Grade E.

Terms of service are reviewed by contributors and divided into small points that we can discuss, compare and ultimately assign a score with a badge:

Goed, Slecht, Blocker of Neutraal

Once a service has enough badges to assess the fairness of their terms for users, a class is assigned automatically by pondering the average scores.

Klasse A are the best terms of services: they treat you fairly, respect your rights and will not abuse your data.

Klasse B The terms of services are fair towards the user but they could be improved.

Klasse C The terms of service are okay but some issues need your consideration.

Klasse D The terms of service are very uneven or there are some important issues that need your attention.

Klasse E The terms of service raise very serious concerns.

Nog niet ingedeeld in een klasse views.classification.class.none.desc

Right now, you will notice that not many services have a class assigned. That is because we need more data and more reviews before we can start assigning them. Moreover, we are still experimenting with how to apply classes.